Saturday, March 5, 2011

Semaine de la musique arabe / Arab music week - 7

Osiris is a rock group from Bahrain.

Osiris est une groupe rock de Bahrein.


Anonymous said...

I like the rythm! :)

moi said...

Me too! I find everything about this band interesting - the name, the music, and the progressive rock sound. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

BuraNaMaano said...

Interesting music, and though I don't understand much of it, i suppose it's not a deterrent to enjoying it. Just assures one that he or she is not tone deaf :). I won't be surprised if Bollywood thieves are on the prowl, and someday we hear a similar tune and see an over madeup, underclothed nymphet gyrating to it :)

moi said...

Ah, didn't Asha Bhosle already do a duet with an Egyptian pop artist? Hisham something, if I remember right - Hisham Abbas?

I listen to a lot of music of which I don't understand the words (the price you have to pay for listening to music of different cultures). But it's actually what has improved my Spanish and French, and maybe it will improve my (currently non-existent) Arabic some day! :D