Thursday, March 3, 2011

Semaine de la musique arabe / Arab music week - 5

Rap tunisien par Balti. (Note: je ne comprends pas tous les paroles. Si elles sont blessantes, je m'excuse et j'espere que vous laissez une note pour me prevenir. Je ne supporte pas la violence et la haine.)

Rap from Tunisia by Balti. (Please note that I don't understand all the words. If they are offensive, I apologize, and hope that you'll leave a comment to alert me. I do not support violence and hate.)


Anonymous said...

Interesting song... He is apologising to his mother and regretting the life he has lead so far in a foreign land... He misses her and being at home and wishes he could go back in time... it's nostalgic and apologetic...

moi said...

Thanks very much for the explanation, Ymene! What a coincidence, I posted this song, and on March 2, CNN featured him in a report on the role of rap and hip-hop in the jasmine revolution!