Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Indian independence day

Some pictures I took around Mumbai in the week before Independence Day. Barring the flag in first picture, I was looking for saffron-white-green that was not intended as patriotic.

Below, a girl sells flags for Rs. 2 (US$ 0.04) at the Capitol Cinema traffic light.

Below: Billboard, tree, pedestrians and bus stop near Mahalakshmi train station

Below: Store front on Haines Road / Baburao Jagtap Marg, Agripada

Below: Freshly washed or dyed clothes dry above a tin roof off Jacob Circle, Mahalakshmi

Below: Municipal garbage truck

Below: Grimy decoration on the back of a cab

Below: Ganesh, nestled among fresh marigolds and spider lilies, protects this cabbie from potholes and the swine flu.

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