Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nicht löschbares Feuer (inextinguishable fire)

Oh, oh, oh, I found Harun Farocki's entire film "Inextinguishable Fire" online! It was not distributed in the US when it was made (1969), and apparently it's still very hard to borrow or steal a copy (didn't really try to buy one; couldn't afford it). I had a lot of trouble finding a preview copy in the US (I wanted to show it to my class when discussing the Vietnam war). I tracked down a VHS copy, don't remember how, but couldn't use it anyway, because it had no subtitles! I barely understood the commentary myself, and I daresay I have more German than most of my students.

Here's a link to watch it online, if you're curious about who created horrible weapons of mass destruction.

Here's a link to an interview with Farocki, in which he responds to questions about Jill Godmilow's remake of his film.

And here's another interview with Farocki and Godmilow.

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